ECE 250: Algorithms and Data Structures

Welcome ECE 250 - Fall 2017

This is a course on algorithms and data structures for Electrical and Computer Engineering students.

Course Objectives

Statement on Cheating and Plagiarism

Cheating will not be tolerated; students are referred to University Policy 71 on scholastic offences. Looking at the midterm or final examination of another student, allowing another student to view your exam, or obtaining information about an examination in advance are all examples of cheating. Students found cheating will receive a minimum of zero (0%) on that exam.

UW Policy 71 - Student Academic Discipline

AccessAbility Services

The office of AccessAbility Services, located in Needles Hall, Room 1401, collaborates with all academic departments to arrange appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities without compromising the academic integrity of the curriculum. If you require accommodations, please register at the beginning of each academic term. More information can be obtained from the website of the AccessAbility Services.

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